Collection: SADDLE PAD

• 100% double twisted and combed cotton honeycomb. This special combination of processes ensures that the drop of sweat penetrates into the alveolus of the fabric, avoiding unpleasant chafing on sensitive parts and annoying rubbing, making its use functional;

• wadding made and processed with a percentage of recycled polyester. Eco-sustainability is a topic that is very close to our hearts: for this reason we choose 400 g/m2 wadding in order to obtain a result that is as compact as it is resistant;

• cotton reinforced with polyester. The weave gives the cotton greater resistance to the horse's acid sweat: the product, thanks to its natural resistance, remains intact and pleasant to the touch even after several uses. The saddle pad, during the customization phase, provides the possibility of adding cords and/or threads.

The recommended washing temperature for this item is 30°. The saddle pads are resistant to mild bleach, which does not alter the quality of the materials and can be used for disinfection. The product can also be subjected to frequent washing (e.g. once a week).