PJ Equitation is a young, fresh brand, born after thirty years of experience in the equestrian sector.

The brand has made quality and eco-sustainability its main strengths: the products are 100% Made in Italy, completely customizable and plastic free.

The name “PJ”, if you are wondering, is a tribute to our founder's mare.

Within this company, love and respect for horses come first.

We pay extreme attention to the choice of our raw materials which we purchase mostly in Lombardy, so as to support not only the small local companies but also in order to create valid products, resistant over the years and, above all, comfortable for our companions. adventures.

Only the fleece, with which we make blankets and saddle covers, comes from Tuscany.

We collaborate daily with our suppliers to improve product quality.



An artisanal product is always an eco-sustainable product. Do you know why?

An artisanal product is made in small quantities. Sometimes, this is packaged when you order.

Resources are therefore used sparingly and there is no overproduction: there is therefore no waste during seasonal changes.

Production is local and producers are guaranteed a decent salary.

Generally, craftsmen prefer quality materials: in addition to being easy to work with, they also give a better final effect!

Purchasing from artisans helps create and develop a circular economy that expands directly in the local area, creating additional jobs and helping the local economic system.


We define ourselves as eco-sustainable.

We use fibers of recycled origin and pay maximum attention to all packaging, which does not use plastic.

For our shipments we only use recycled paper cartons.

All our waste is donated to kennels and catteries to make blankets or cushions.


I'm Nicole, the founder of PJ Equitation.

I was lucky enough to work in the family business, which today, although it is no longer owned by us, remains one of the most iconic in this sector.

After ten years of experience I therefore decided to found my own brand paying homage to my first mare, PJ.

PJ was my greatest adventure companion and life teacher: she was a gift from my parents for my thirteenth birthday.

He taught me to believe in my goals, to fight for what I love, to have patience, to have faith in myself and to understand that all my sacrifices will be rewarded one day.

I owe my desire for professional and entrepreneurial redemption to her.